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muscle stimulatorManaging pain can sometimes be a difficult and daunting task. You’re not sure what products or treatment methods will work for you. What works for one might not be as effective for your pain. Do you go the medication route or try over-the-counter treatment instead? Pain relieving gels and electrotherapy are both viable options, but two very different paths for pain relief.

Pain relief gel, such as Biofreeze, are greaseless and stainless gels that will provide relief from minor aches and pains. Sore muscles due to arthritis, backaches, sprains, or strains will benefit from gels. Essentially, gels are better for acute pain, as opposed to chronic pain. If you have ongoing pain, apply gel everyday might temporarily alleviate some of that pain, but a much better solution would be some form of electrotherapy, either a TENS Unit, muscle stimluator, or portable ultrasound. These machines work best for those who suffer constant pain and need relief and choose not to opt for the medication route.

But each of these machines works a bit differently so do your research before choosing one. You can find out more information about electrotherapy at our blog or by visiting OTCWholesale.com.

portable ultrasoundI’ve had a bum back for a while. My wife says it’s from not doing my exercises any more. I’ve tried chiropractors but when I stop paying for them the pain comes back. It’s chronic. And of course the chiropractor won’t tell you what else you can do for your back pain, because he wants you to keep comin back and giving him your money. I decided to take another route.

I heard about portable ultrasound. I originally thought ultrasound was only for women to see their babies, but you can also use it for pain relief. It sends heat through your muscles and tissues to cause vibrations and open up the veins. More blood equals less pain. And the sound waves aren’t electromagnetic.

I bought one of the portable ultrasounds and I’ve seen a major difference since then. My back pain is much less and I never wince any more. I can bend down and breathe deeply and any time I feel the burning in my lower back I have a little session with my portable ultrasound. It’s made my wife even happier than it’s made me — she says there’s no reason for me to complain any more (but I can still think of a few).


electrotherapyWhen I buy certain products, I always make sure there is a warranty with the item. Sometimes they’ll automatically give you a limited warranty that will cover only certain damages and problems. Other times you have to purchase a warranty separately. Sometimes I feel like it’s such a gimmick. I’ll buy the warranty and never need it on the item. I feel like I wasted my money. But of course I would be kicking myself, if down the line, something did happen to my product.

Big products like appliances and televisions need a warranty. So do cellphone simply for the fact that they get a lot of usage and wear and tear. But don’t overlook the warranty of your TENS Unit, muscle stimulator, or portable ultrasound. I’d say most electronic devices and machines should have a warranty on them. The last thing you need is the machine to break down or have a defect and now you’ll be suffering, literally and figuratively.

I mentioned not too long ago about features you should be looking for on some of these devices, but I think I forgot this all important one! Make sure you inquire about the warranty before you settle on a model. It could be the ultimate deciding factor and could save you in the event of a malfunction!

electrotherapyAt OTC Wholesale you can find many products targeted towards pain relief and muscle stimulation. But it might be confusing knowing which machine is right for you. Do you need a TENS Unit, a muscle stimulator, or a portable ultrasound? Although the end game is to make you feel better, they target specific needs. A TENS Unit is meant to be a drug-free alternative to aide with chronic pain relief. The keyword there is chronic. (If you wake up with a sore neck one morning, you don’t need to run out and buy a TENS Unit to help it.) Tiny electrical pulses are sent to the affected area which will block pain signals sent through the nerves.

A muscle stimulator is very different. It’s used to treat muscle injuries and speed up recovery, not treat chronic pain. Electric pulses are sent to the muscles to stimulate, massage, re-educate, and rebuild. While a TENS Unit works better with increased frequencies, a muscle stimulator is better with low ones. The muscles will gently contract and increase blood flow.

The goal of the portable ultrasound is to provide deep tissue repair and stimulation. They generate heat and are used for medical conditions like muscle spasms and joint contractures. They give you advanced pain relief through sonic stimulation. These can be used in conjunction with TENS Units and often you will find machines that provide both features.

Portable ultrasoundWhen you shop at OTC Wholesale, you can find some really great machines to help relieve you of chronic pain. We’ve talked about portable ultrasounds and TENS Units before, but we haven’t talked about a machine that combines two of these great devices. The Ultima UTC 1000 Portable Ultrasound TENS Combo combines all the wonderful affects you feel from each of these machines.

The machine is FDA approved and has 14 TENS programs with 1 MHz ultrasound. Whether the pain you are suffering from is in your back or on your leg, you’ll be able to apply the machine to all parts of your body with ease. The device plugs in with an AC power supply so no worries about replacing batteries. It’s even small enough to carry with you. If you’re a therapist or doctor, you can easily transport the machine to patient’s houses.

No one should have to live with chronic pain. This device can relieve you of some of this pain so you have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. The machine is only $179.95, but originally retails for $199.99 –savings you 10%. And if you purchase more than one, you’ll receive even more discounts from OTC Wholesale.

portable ultra soundWhen you think about an ultrasound machine, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely babies. You fondly remember visits with your wife to view your growing little baby. If you’re a woman, you just remember the feeling of the cold gel on your stomach. But I’m not here to talk about that machine. I’m talking about the portable ultrasounds sold at OTC Wholesale.

So what kind of relief can you get from this device? These machines can relieve you of pain, muscle spasms, and joint contractures. How do they work? Sound waves are produced that cause vibrations within the soft tissue cells and increase the area’s body temperature. The deep heat within the tissues will alleviate some of that pain. Think of it like a much, much better heating pad, but with some sonic stimulation thrown in there.

The portable ultrasound is used for 2-5 minutes, depending on the patient’s condition. Just like the ultrasound machines used for looking at babies, you will also need special gel to put on the treated area to conduct the wave energy to the skin. Consider using this machine as an alternative method to treating patients who seek pain relief.